What are the things that a Customs Broker in Manila can do for you?

A customs broker in Manila is a professional licensed by the local customs to act as an agent that will handle the import and export of an individual or a business. A customs broker in Manila is someone who passed the examination about customs law, customs classification, customs tariff schedule, import and export regulations, shipping procedures, trade documentation, etc.


  • Customs brokers in Manila can help your goods meet the requirements for import and export and they also act as the liaison between you and the relevant agencies for your goods
  • A customs broker in Manila is the one responsible to prepare and submit necessary information and payments to the Customs authorities on your behalf (country of origin and destination, suppliers, routings, intended use of goods, etc)
  • They assess commercial documents to know if they are complying with regulatory requirements, prior to their submission
  • A customs broker in Manila is also responsible for making sure that your goods are correctly classified so duties and taxes can be properly determined
  • At the same time, they also help you spread your business to new markets. If you’re interested in reaching customers from other places and customs broker with presence from different places can make sure your goods reach your customers quickly and safely
  • They provide personalized advice since all enterprises have specific business needs, especially small-size businesses with lower export/import volumes. A good customs broker will pay due attention to your particular needs and contribute to your business success.


Why should you use the services of a customs broker?


A customs broker in Manila is important for the growth and needs of the business since some needs of the business either for the production of goods or services are only accessible from other places and it is the responsibility and the job of a professional customs broker to make it accessible for businesses.


  • Knowledge in complex regulatory requirements

Since some businesses can’t afford to hire personnel that is versed in the complex regulatory requirements for the transport of goods across borders. In this case, they can outsource this business hassle and hire a customs brokerage company to take care of all the requirement needed.


  • Skills to facilitate the customs clearance process

A customs broker in Manila is responsible for making sure that your shipments cross the border and reach their intended destination safely. They have the skills to facilitate the entire customs clearance process, regardless of the port of entry.


  • Help in avoiding unnecessary costs

Since the rules and regulations in transacting across the borders keep on changing. It is important to have the services of a customs broker because they are experts in the requirements for each type of goods, customs brokers can help you avoid costly delays, fines, confiscation of the merchandise, and other penalties.


  • Verification of declarations

Another important factor why you need a Customs broker in Manila is that they ensure that all the legal responsibility is followed for all customs declarations prepared on your behalf. Since faulty declarations can result in audits, fines and even sanctions for your business, so make sure to have your declarations verified by a licensed customs broker.


  • Convenient paperwork

Although you’re not required by law to use the services of a customs broker, many companies prefer to work with one. This is because of the convenience in entrusting all the paperwork and communication with relevant agencies to an expert. Even more importantly, their expertise in the field can save you from making costly mistakes.


  • Correct identification of goods

Customs brokers are well versed in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, it is a compilation of duties or taxes levied on goods as they enter a country. Each good receives a specific classification number and they are divided into major groups and sub-groups to allow correct and easy identification for the purposes of charging customs duty.


  • Easy clearance of shipments with formal entry

Some commodities are automatically required to have a formal entry or a formal declaration of specific information on the imported goods like food and pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, chemicals, biological materials for research and medical use, as well as agricultural and dairy products and a formal entry is also needed if your shipment exceeds a certain value, regardless of its nature.


Because of that, the customs hold these goods until the necessary paperwork and requirements are met for the shipment. Hence, it is a good idea to hire a Customs broker in Manila because of their knowledge of the rules, regulations, and protocols needed to clear your shipments.


It is important to have the services of a professional customs broker for the importation and exportation of goods for the business because having their services could lessen your work and help you focus on other tasks for your business goal. If you are looking for a professional customs broker in Manila for your business, seek the services of a company that specializes in freight forwarding. Since freight forwarding is a group of people who are expert in the import and export industry.


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Renalli Trajano
Renalli Trajano
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